Quezone? What it is and why?



Queueing has been with humanity since the start of civilisation. In a civilised environment, a queue is required in order to provide services and products in a fair and equal manner to everyone. When you’re driving and at the lights, you’re in a queue. When you line up to get coffee, you’re in a queue. When you want to checkout of a supermarket, you’re in a queue. Queues are everywhere.

But the process of going through a queue hasn’t changed for most of civilisation. And this is where Quezone wants to be game changer.

How it works


1. Search for services in your area



2. Request a queue ticket



3. Let our smart algorithms track your number in the queue


3. Receive instant updates on your progress


How does Quezone help businesses?

Quezone offers a unique value proposition to both businesses and their customers. Quezone is a new age customer flow management system designed to reduce time wasted in waiting for service in queues, or appointments. Quezone’s dynamic Estimated Time of Service (ETS) calculation and recalculation routines ensure customers are notified if their appointment is running late or queue-turn is running early or late, ensuring businesses and their customers waste little or no time in waiting.
By giving your customers more choice in where and how they want to wait, you reduce their perceived waiting time. This results in an increase in the amount of time that they are willing to wait for your services which in turn results in more people joining the queue, and expanding your peak hours of business. Since customers have access to status updates at any time, Quezone allows you to maintain constant engagement with them, which will bring the customers back when you are ready to serve them. Quezone allows your customers to view available appointment time slots in your diary. By using Quezone, you provide them with the ability to check, choose and book their appointments on the go, which in turn results in more people making appointments.
Quezone supports self-serve queue entry, which allows customers to join queues themselves, through multiple methods, including smart phones or computer tablets.Quezone allows your customers to make appointments remotely without the need to call your business. This allows your staff to work on clients currently onsite.Quezone will help your business capture more detailed information about your customers before their visits, so you can align the products and services your business offers, and ensure that they have the right level of staff with the experience required to answer the customer’s questions.
Quezone provides extensive reporting which can assist business owners and managers in analysing customer flow, reducing waiting time and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business resource planning and selling activities.Here are some of the key advantages provided by Quezone’s reporting tool – View details of customers in the queue to provide better customer service, and effective up sell and cross sell activities – Customer Service history plotted on graphs highlighting average wait time, service times, etc. which can be sorted centrally by one or multiple locations and service types – Abandonment reporting by location, by time and by service – Download customer service history as a CSV for further analysis – Report from archives – Resource planning, resource utilisation by location, infeasible queues
By allowing your customers to roam the precinct and wait wherever they want, Quezone allows you to reduce your customers’ perceived waiting times. The three-stage push notifications or SMS includes, ETS, Reminder and Proceed To notifications or SMS texts. The ETS provides your customers with updates about the status of their expected service time, should you be running early or late. The Reminder notification or SMS text, prompts your clients to make their way to the waiting room area. The Proceed To notification or SMS text provides your customers with the information of where or who will be servicing them. This ensures delivery of customers to the service area faster, leading to the reduction in their actual waiting times.
Software as a Service is the central component of Quezone for queue and appointment management, working in conjunction with all mobile devices. There is no need for you to buy or maintain additional equipment if you have a computer with access to the Internet. There is no software for you to download or install. Using a Web browser on any computer, login at Quezone, register and you’re ready to go. Your account can be setup and ready in less than an hour. There is no proprietary hardware required. There are no servers for you to buy or maintain, no need to install and maintain any software, and no upgrades or licenses. You are always running the latest version of the software. Quezone is available 24/7. The application is hosted on a world-class data centre providing 99.97% of up time, therefore, high availability is assured. The user interface is intuitive and the application is functionally rich. Speed and high security come as standard with Quezone.