For consumers How Quezone can help consumers


Always be on time

Quezone allows you to join your favourite queues online and get instant updates on the progress thus saving your time which you would have otherwise spent on waiting. Schedule your own appointments by viewing available slots thus allowing you to get what you want more easily and faster.


Get updates instantly

Quezone comes in both iPhone and Android applications along with the desktop service thus allowing you to keep track of your queues progress on the go. If they’re running late, you’ll get notified thus giving you time to do other things. You may end up even finishing your day earlier than expected.

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Do more of the things you like

After Quezone saves your time which you would have otherwise have spent waiting in queues, do the things you like. Spending time with family, checking out what’s new in stores, do the family shopping etc. all the things you like spending your time on instead of waiting in queues.

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