For businesses How Quezone can help businesses


Easy cloud setup

Quezone as a service is offered over the internet. Hence businesses don’t have to purchase any new hardware or install software on their systems to get it up and running. Just create an account with us and we’ll take care of the rest.


Get instant updates

Quezone runs 24×7 and gives you instant notifications on the status of your client appointment and queues. Check how many clients have lined up or have scheduled appointments all in one single easy to use interface


Your clients will love it

Quezone allows your customers to join your queues online and get instant updates on their progress thus saving their time which they otherwise would have spent on waiting. Even when you can’t get to the phone, they’ll be able to schedule their own appointments thus making your service more accessible.

  • Quezone provided solution to assist my sales team for arranging appointments in a professional manner, ensuring all necessary on-site and/or phone booking requirements were conducted while maintaining an excellent relationship with our Client.

    Peter Bayot, Corporate Sales Manager – HCF
  • The Quezone system allowed us to pre-prepare way in advance our marketing material as well as product comparison and the number of staff required at a specific events.

    Sales Manager of a Corporate

Get started today

Quezone helps businesses to increase their customer satisfaction by eliminating waiting time at the point of service.

To make things even easier, Quezone integrates with your existing CRM, billing systems etc. to make this process seamless and even more simpler.